Nov 03 2020 | HDR-1
HDR-1 Frequently Asked Questions


Audio Sync
While the recording is in progress, if the HDMI input signals drops out or is disconnected, the recording will pause. After the input signal locks or is reconnected, the HDR-1 will resume recording, but the audio and video of the content recorded will be out of sync.

Copyright Error 
If you receive a copyright error when trying to record, and your source content is not copyright-protected with HDCP, it's possible that your source or analog to HDMI converter is sending false HDCP data to the HDR-1.

Changing to the following menu setting may resolve this issue:

Menu Settings Recording/Snapshot HDCP Mode By Device Signal

Max Record Length 
Regardless of drive size, the longest recording time is 14 hours and recording will stop once the longest recording time is reached. The user will receive a prompt message. The shortest recording time is 6 seconds during which the record button will be deactivated.

On 32GB drive, you can record between 3 to 4.5 hours in HD depending on resolution and bit-rate, and 5.5 to 9 hours or more in SD. A detailed chart is on page 47 of the manual .

Standard Definition Recording 
The HDR-1 automatically detects the resolution from an input signal, so there's no need to manually set it on the recorder.

Supported Bit-Rates
The HDR-1's three quality presets corresponding to different bit-rates, depending on the resolution of the source signal:

1080P: 20Mbps/18Mbps/15Mbps
720P: 20Mbps/15Mbps.10Mbps
1080i: 15Mbps/12Mbps/10Mbps
SD: 7.5Mbps/5Mbps/3Mbps

Supported Drives
A detailed list of supported drives is available HDR-1 & NVS Series USB & SD Drive Compatibility Guide . We recommend USB 3.0 drives, as they are more likely to have a higher sustained write speed than older USB 2.0 drives

Supported Resolutions
The HDR-1 records at the same resolution as the source signal, and will not convert it. It records the same frame rate as well, except in the case of 1080P 60, which is records at 1080P 30, and 1080P 50, which records at 1080P 25.

Serial Port Pin Definitions
PIN 2 - TX
PIN 3 - RX





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