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Teleprompter FAQ

Teleprompter FAQ

Teleprompter FAQ

Nov 03 2020 | General Information
Teleprompter FAQ

Replacement Glass

If your teleprompter's 60/40 glass breaks, we sell replacement glass. Please contact visit our online store for accessory parts: Datavideo Store

If you have the discontinued TP-200, it uses the same glass as the TP-300

Q: My wired remote stopped working after I updated my iPad to iOS7. Is there anything in the settings I need to change?
A: Yes, please make sure that your privacy settings for the microphone is turned on for the DV Prompter app. You can do that by going into Settings of your iPad. Go into Privacy settings. Go into Microphone.

Q: I have an Android tablet and the scrolling speed is behaving strange in. The speed doesn’t change when you set the scrolling speed to different values in the settings menu. Is there something wrong?

A: We are aware of this issue. Other Android platforms reported this same behaviour and the issue is solved from V.1.2.8. Please update your dvPrompter app via Playstore or the annual updates.

Q: I recently upgraded my Apple device to latest iOS and now my remote does not work anymore. It worked fine in iOS 9.1. Is it faulty?

A: No, there is a compatibility issue with Bluetooth remotes not working on iOS9.2 or later. Our developers have informed Apple and await to have a fix in a future iOS update.

If possible, roll back your software to iOS 9.1, or use the remote in wired mode.

Our current model, WR-500, is unaffected by the change due to its Bluetooth 4 transmitter. If you can not wait for a software fix and are located in North or South America, please contact Datavideo US regarding upgrade pricing.


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