FAQ: HS-1500T

FAQ: HS-1500T

FAQ: HS-1500T

Nov 03 2020 | HS-1500T
FAQ: HS-1500T

Monitor Has No Output

If you no longer have the quad view display on your HS-1500T but your monitor's menu works (separate from the switcher menu), you will need to change the monitor's input using the following method:

Please check the firmware on the monitor, which has a firmware revision separate from the switcher itself

Go to Menu > Information
Under Ver, confirm it is 0.08

If not, please update first:
HS-1500T Monitor Firmware version 0.08

  • Copy MSTFLASH.bin to a FAT32 USB drive
  • Turn off HS-1500T
  • Insert the drive in the Monitor FW Upgrade port on the panel of the 1500T
  • Turn on HS-1500T
  • During the update, the monitor keyboard panel will go out
  • Once complete (approx 30 seconds), the monitor keyboard panel will light up
  • If you do not see any picture after a minute, press the monitor power button to turn it off, wait 5 seconds, and turn it back on
  • You should then see the quad view picture and can remove the thumb drive
  • Go back to the Information submenu to verify the firmware version is now 0.08

To change the source back to HDMI 1:

  • Press and hold the Blue and Aspect keys for 5 seconds
  • This will open the Source OSD menu
  • press the Up and Down keys to select HDMI 1, and then press the Enter key


Datavideo support is here to help.