PTC-120 Focus Troubleshooting Guide

PTC-120 Focus Troubleshooting Guide

PTC-120 Focus Troubleshooting Guide

Nov 03 2020 | PTC-120

PTC-120 Focus Troubleshooting Guide

If you experience any issues trying to focus with your PTC-120, please review the following information before contacting Datavideo support.

  • First check your firmware version via the last page of the status section of the camera's on-screen menu. The latest version is PTA 226R / PTB 225R / PTC 203R / PTD 107R.
  • If you have version PTA 208R / PTB208R / PTC 202R / PTD107R, there is a manual focus bug that can make the shot blurry when zooming.
  • If you need to update, please contact us, you will need our CB-51 cable, or an 8-pin DIN male to 9-pin D-Sub female cable. We can run the update via remote assistance or provide instructions.

If you have the latest version, this is an overview of how the focus function works:

  • When using presets to memorize positions, the presets will keep the manual focus setting and hold focus at the designated point. If you then zoom in and out, the focus will change. Another preset may be used to memorize another desired zoom position with another desired fixed focus. Presets are stored in PTC-120 camera.
  • When using “manual focus” to focus on the talent and then zoom-in and zoom-out, make sure the talent occupies roughly 80% of the screen, When zooming the focus will hold on the talent. However, when the talent quickly leaves the frame or becomes too small, the focus may shift to another object.
  • When using auto focus, we recommend setting the Focus Area to "Center", Sensitivity "Low", AF Speed "Fast". When zooming, the AF will better handle centered talent.


Datavideo support is here to help.