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Datavideo Announces TWP-10 4K Video Wall Processor and DAC-45 4K Up Down Cross Converter

Datavideo releases the innovative and cutting-edge TWP-10/100 4K Video Wall Processor and DAC-45 4K Up Down Cross Converter to gain a foothold in the professional Audio/Video market.

Due to the very high and almost unaffordable price of the LED Video Wall nowadays, Datavideo aims to provide the market with an innovative Video wall solution that integrates multiple monitors or LCD TVs into one gigantic 4K or 8K display which is ideal for exhibition events and training classes. This Video Wall solution is able to provide a brighter display at varying high resolutions, thus achieving a high price-performance ratio without sacrificing the image quality.


TWP-10 / TWP-100 4K Video Wall Processor is a powerful real-time processor which is designed specifically for different thin bezel monitors on the market. The Video Wall layout can be changed instantly to fit into different scenarios such as digital signage, video broadcast, lectures and surveillance system. Furthermore, the TWP-10/100 4K Video Wall Processor allows users to set fancy visual effects. The display technology evolves over time but with the TWP-10/100, users will still be able to generate high image resolutions with their old monitors.






Datavideo DAC-45 4K Up/Down/Cross Converter introduced for the first time on the market is also another bright spot. The DAC-45 allows users to switch between different video formats, and up/down convert resolutions, thus achieving seamless conversion of VGA, HDMI and SDI videos to 4K HDMI or 1080p HDMI/SDI signal. The DAC-45 contains all the features that you will need, and is portable and easy to use. Its intuitive design is the best solution for any live conference recording and production scenario.





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