3X3 Basketball



Live streaming sport games, matches, and tournaments over-the-top so fans can tune in via the internet from anywhere. All you’ve got to do is set up your channels and preferences with Datavideo streaming encoder and you’re ready to live.


Key Features


1. 4K Camera captures the finest details
2. 8 PiP function for different angle on one screen
3. Up to 8-channel embedded Audio 
4. Perfect audio Lip-Sync calibration
5. Create lower third titles, text crawls, and text rolls.
6. Built-In ISO Recorder for each input and PGM
7. Live Streaming to Facebook, YouTube 
8. Enjoy basketball competition everywhere

3x3 BasketBall Solution Kit

Create high quality content and stream it over the internet with 3x3 Basketball  Solution kit includes a 12-CH Portable Full HD Audio/Video Mobile Cast HS-3200 (up to 1080p), 4K Camera perfect capture PTC-300  that can be controlled from Multi-Cam Control unit RMC-300A, the identical 4K ProRes recorder HDR-80 brings the performance in professional recording up to four 1080p streams simultaneously to separate ProRes files that are synced with the same time code, making the recorded footage easy for tracking during post-production.