Datavideo Worship Solution Al-Abdul Razak Mosque , Singapore

Al-Abdul Razak Mosque , Singapore

Mar 28 2023

Al-Abdul Razak Mosque in Singapore has recently completed a new project, utilizing the latest audio-visual technology to enhance their facility. 

The mosque employed Datavideo's 4x PTC-300 4K PTZ camera in conjunction with their existing SE-2200 6-input switcher installation to achieve stunning visuals that captivate worshippers and visitors alike. 


Datavideo PTC-300 4K PTZ camera boasts advanced features such as a 4K UHD sensor, 12x optical zoom, and a fast and accurate auto-focus system. Combined with the SE-2200 6-input switcher, the system is capable of producing seamless and high-quality video output that enriches the overall experience of the mosque. The project from Al-Abdul Razak Mosque demonstrates the potential of audio-visual technology in enhancing worship experiences and delivering an immersive and engaging environment for all.


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