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Datavideo Hybrid Event MCP Production By Mad Grape TV

Datavideo Hybrid Event MCP Production By Mad Grape TV

Mar 07 2023

MAD GRAPE TV is a multi-faceted media production company located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, specializing in digital media solutions. The company provides a range of services including digitization, live video coverage for weddings, events, concerts, conferences, and TV programmes.

MAD GRAPE TV utilized Datavideo's advanced equipment for a professional hybrid event. The HS-1300 switcher seamlessly switched between camera feeds and incorporated high-quality graphics. The PTR-10 transformed camcoder into powerful robotic cameras, providing enhanced camera control. With the RMC-180 remote camera controller, dynamic and engaging shots were achieved. By leveraging Datavideo's technology, MAD GRAPE TV delivered a polished and professional virtual experience to their audience.


The Group Managing Director of Mad Grape TV , Zakuan , said " that the task to enquire skilled manpower is stenuous as the post-pandemic transformed the way people do jobs. Thus, the company decided to invest into assets that could save the energy , time and cost. Of course there are few cheaper alternatives out there which was tester and procured, but there’s nothing compared to Datavideo’s output results which is astonishingly incredible."

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