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Datavideo RMC-180 MARK II PTZ Camera Controller is Available Worldwide

Datavideo RMC-180 MARK II PTZ Camera Controller is Available Worldwide

Feb 11 2022


Datavideo RMC-180 is a reliable and effective camera controller with an intuitive interface. The RMC-180 has been so popular among users since its launch. As Datavideo continues introducing a series of new cameras and the new pan tilt head products, Datavideo has once again updated the RMC-180 camera controller to MARK II version, the RMC-180 MARK II.

 The RMC-180 MARK II is a camera controller that inherits all functions and features from the first-generation RMC-180. The RMC-180 MARK II allows you to control up to 4 compatible Datavideo PTZ and block cameras via RS-422; additionally, it also supports the control of the PTR-10 MARK II pan tilt heads. The new feature allows users to have a complete control function when controlling Datavideo camera groups. The RMC-180 MARK II camera controller can store up to four preset positions (up to 8 presets if only two cameras are connected). Users can easily recall the preset positions by pressing the physical buttons assigned to each preset.

 Compared to the first-generation RMC-180, the interface of the RMC-180 MARK II is more optimized, and the button configuration has a better visual sense. With its ergonomic joystick and tactile button layout, the user can control of Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Iris, Focus, Gain, and other functions such as the OSD on specific models. The controller can move the cameras (pan, tilt, and zoom) at slow, medium, and fast speeds. It provides the user with a quick option for selecting the speed of your camera movement. The RMC-180 MARK II also supports Datavideo's Switcher Tally Indicators. There are usually two LED light modes, namely the user light and the input light, which are suitable for various workflows in different situations.

The new Datavideo RMC-180 MARK II camera controller is available worldwide. For more information, please visit:


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