Arrow AV Upgrades Memorial Presbyterian Church Streaming Solution

Arrow AV Upgrades Memorial Presbyterian Church Streaming Solution

Nov 04 2021

Arrow AV is a full-service AV Installation company who is dedicated to designing unique systems that fits their customer’s needs. They provide the right equipment for the customer’s requirement so that the integrated system is reliable, intuitive, and easy to use. So, when Memorial Presbyterian Church approached them with their need to stream their worship services, Arrow AV worked closely with them to provide products that fit exactly what they were looking for.

Memorial Presbyterian Church didn’t stream their services before the pandemic began. Churches everywhere were forced into live streaming for the first time in their history during the pandemic. Many of them tried to get by with using a smartphone, but soon realized that was not a good solution. It was a challenge for people at home to properly hear the speaker as well as the unreliable wireless Internet signal. Instead of bringing its members together for a few hours a week during the live stream, people were feeling more disconnected than they were before. It was time for a change, and to improve the quality of their live streams.

Arrow AV Group selected Datavideo because it is easy-to-use, high quality, volunteer friendly and easy to install and dramatically improve the live video production and stream. Arrow AV specified three Datavideo PTC-140TW cameras and mounted them on the sanctuary walls to provide three camera angles to help engage the online audience. The cameras selected are white matching the architecture with 20x optical zoom providing coverage of the entire sanctuary from the pulpit to the pews.

The cameras use HDBaseT technology using a single cat6e cable to connect to the all-in-one portable HS-1600T MARK II Mobile Cast studio. HDBaseT cable transmits power, HD video, control, and tally, eliminating the need for power supplies to the cameras at each location which simplified and streamlined the installation.

“Congregation members have been impressed at aesthetics of the system and its capabilities,” says Pastor Mike. “The system is easy to learn, and I am pleased that we have a team of volunteers who are able to use it each week.”

HS-1600T MARK II is an all-in-one switcher designed to be operated by one person.  It has a built-in joystick controller, camera position preset buttons, preview/live mixing bus, a flip up multi-view monitor, and single button trigger for streaming and recording. This intuitive and simple workflow was essential when the church has volunteer operators producing the church service weekly.


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