BYOC 4K Production with Recording

Turn your favorite micro 4/3 camera into a PTZ camera


If you are using your MFT camera for live video production, now you can use your cameras with the Datavideo PTR-10 Pan, Tilt, and Zoom head without a need for camera operators.

The PTR-10 MARK II Pan Tilt Head combined with the ZEK-2 KIT includes mounting components, gear ring and motor, turning your MFT into a PTZ
with zoom presets. Get all the benefits of PTZ camera from your MFT camera such as Lumix, Blackmagic Design, and Z Cam.


Key Features


Robotic Pan Tilt Head
PTR-10 MARK II makes it possible to turn your camcorder into a PTZ camera, allowing you to control your camera from the RMC-180 MARK II. 

High Quality Cameras
You can use your favorite micro 4/3 camera with a high-performance image quality, with the added flexibilty of a PTZ camera.

Robotic Pan Tilt Head Features



PTR-10 MARK II makes the change from regular camcorder cameras to remote controlled PTZ very cost effective. Multi-camera remote operations can be handled by a single person. 


Strong and Sturdy

With a weight of 3.4 kg, PTR-10 MARK II is built from aluminum alloy, making it a very sturdy base for your camera. It can support cameras up to 4 kilograms.


PoE++ Supported

Uesr does not need any battery mount on your camera when using PTR-10 MARK II. The PoE++ is building in the PTR-10 MARK II; No extra battery or power needed when operating.


Support 50 Preset Positions

When your video production requires many different angles and positions, 50 preset camera positions will meet your needs. Using the IR remote allows you to call up to 50 presets at any time.

Pan Tilt Head Supports Lumix BGH1 for Church and Concert Hall

Here is the review from PhotoJoseph, a professional content creator, photographer, YouTuber, filmmaker, and also a Panasonic LUMIX Ambassador. In this video, PhotoJoseph will show you how the Pan Tilt Head controls your high-end digital camera like a LUMIX BGH1 or BS1H without hiring a camera operator and adds motion to cameras in inaccessible locations (such as the ceiling or high-wall mounted rigs).



Find a camera that is compatible with the PTR-10/T MARK II.