Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control
USD $149.00

Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control

USD $149.00

Direct Control of Datavideo Teleprompters


Bluetooth or Wired Remote for Teleprompters

The WR-500 can be used to control our powerful dvPrompter Plus app in Wired or Bluetooth modes. The controller allows you to pause and resume the scroll, increase and decrease speed, increase and decrease font size, jump to specific points within the script (break markers) and switch between scripts in the playlist.
Bluetooth or wired remote for teleprompters
Compatible with Apple and Android tablets

Compatible with Apple and Android Tablets

The WR-500 is compatible with Apple and Android tablets to control Datavideo TP series.

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Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control

Model Number
Cable Type
3.5mm TRRS
Radio Type
Bluetooth 4
Cable Length
3 meters
Compatible Teleprompters
TP-100 / TP-150 / TP-300 / TP-500 / TP-600 / TP-650/ TP-800
Compatible Software
Android / iOS devices
What's in the Box
1 x WR-500 Remote Control
1 x Jack plug to jack plug cable for wired mode
1 x Lanyard necklace



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