Online Presentation Kit B

Complete Kit for Online Presentation with PTZ Cameras & Hard Cases

Complete Kit for Online Presentation with PTZ Cameras & Hard Cases

Online Presentation Kit B

A complete solution kit for producing high quality online presentations. 


This new solution allows you to control and produce an engaging presentation without the need to hire a production team. This bundle includes iCast-10NDI, PTC-285, PTC-140NDI, TPC-700, TLM-102, CAP-2, RKM-6A Rack, NG-100, HC-800, HC-800FS, & AD-POE140

Typical Zoom/Teams meetings are boring. To improve your audience engagement, Datavideo has developed a solution that improves the quality of your online presentation.

Hybrid Events Switcher

iCAST 10NDI is a new and innovative live production equipment that houses a switcher, camera controller and streaming encoder in one box. A variety of inputs can be connected to iCAST 10NDI to allow you to create an eye catching presentation with different video sources, such as PTZ and document cameras, and a laptop for  your presentation slides.


Using the built-in streaming encoder and recorder. You can easily live stream to multiple platforms and record your show to an SD card. Six video channels can be ISO recorded at the same time in order to provide you with more program materials for post production.

iCAST 10NDI is definitely a highly efficient and easy-to-use solution for video streaming and recording.

Take Control of your Online Presentation. Instantly switch from cameras to PowerPoint.

Touch Panel Controller

An easy-to-use touch panel interface allows the presenter to switch cameras, switch to the PowerPoint slides, show multiple layouts and control the cameras. Enable streaming, recording, and adjust audio levels with a simple touch screen interface.

PTC-285 4K Tracking PTZ Camera

PTC-285 is a 4K PTZ tracking 4K50/60p camera that helps you capture your event. PTC-285 can easily becontrolled by TPC-700. Turn tracking on/off from the TPC-700 touch screen panel and PTC-285 will follow the presenter without an operator. 

The presenter now has the freedom to get up on stage and move around freely, creating a more engaging presentation.


PTC-140NDI PTZ Camera

Full HD Video Quality

The PTC-140NDI NDI PTZ Camera has a 1/2.8 inch CMOS sensor and Full HD 1920x1080px, 60fps resolution. 

TLM-102 4RU rack mount monitor and also a desktop monitor.

TLM-102 provides a 90-degree angle adjustment design, so you can install it on a rack or place it on a desk. The thoughtful angle design allows you to freely adjust the most appropriate viewing angle when monitoring, making work very easy and convenient. 

The TLM-102 can cross convert SDI, HDMI video signals, makes it a great fit to all the video production workflow.


CAP-2 HDMI IN to USB 3.0 Capture Box

CAP-2 HDMI IN to USB 3.0 Capture Box is an HDMI-USB Capturing device, which supports up to 1080p50/60. Plug and play in the various operating system.

It features a stereo line in external audio, which can be switched as HDMI embedded audio or external line-in audio. There are more flexible and powerful settings for capturing. 


Built-in camera control

The AD-POE140 gives the PTC-140/140W Camera the convenience of POE. It converts PTC-140 into a PoE Camera.

RKM-6A Rack

With the built-in H.264 streaming encoder, you can stream your show to two different streaming plateforms virtually any CDN including Facebook, YouTube or Twitch in time


Netgear Managed Switch NG-100

With your bundle, you'll received a Netgear's 10-port Managed Switch.

(Contact Netgear for their product warranty)

Water, Dust and Crush Resistant Case - Trolley Style (XXL)


Rolling Case for PTC-150 and PTC-140 Cameras




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