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The Datavideo PTC-285 and PTC-305 Series Cameras Boast Comprehensive Support the ONVIF Standard | Datavideo

The Datavideo PTC-285 and PTC-305 Series Cameras Boast Comprehensive Support the ONVIF Standard

Jan 04 2024

Datavideo’s PTC-285 and PTC-305 series cameras offer users an advanced and flexible video capture solution. These cameras feature 4K 60P high resolution and support automatic face tracking. Additionally, they are compatible with the ONVIF standard, providing users with a smoother and more convenient video production experience.

The PTC-285 and PTC-305 series cameras from Datavideo fully integrate the ONVIF standard, supporting ONVIF Profile S. This enables the transmission of audio, video, and PTZ camera control signals, including video resolution, encoding format, frame rate, video streaming, PTZ movement, and more. This compatibility allows the cameras to work seamlessly with controllers, apps, and web-based interfaces from different manufacturers, enabling users to easily adjust camera operating parameters. Using the ONVIF standard will enable users to seamlessly integrate these cameras into various video production systems, improving interoperability among devices from different brands and expanding the applications of video camera.

There are several advantages to using cameras compliant with the ONVIF standard:

  • Cross-Brand Interoperability: The ONVIF standard provides a universal protocol for camera devices from different manufacturers, facilitating collaboration among devices from other brands. This means users can more easily integrate devices from different brands into the same video production system.
  • More Options to Choose Devices: Due to the existence of the ONVIF standard, users can freely choose cameras from various manufacturers without worrying about compatibility issues between devices. This provides users with greater flexibility and purchasing options.
  • Simplified System Integration: The ONVIF standard defines communication protocols between devices, simplifying the integration process. This helps reduce the work of device configuration and debugging, making the entire system more accessible to install and operate.
  • Scalability: The ONVIF standard adapts to the continuous development of video technology. Cameras using the ONVIF standard can maintain compatibility with future updates, extending the lifecycle of the video production system.
  • Cost-Reduction: Products adopting the ONVIF standard have high compatibility, allowing users to find more cost-effective products and ultimately lowering the overall cost of building a video production system.

The Datavideo PTC-285 and PTC-305 series cameras, with their adoption of the ONVIF standard, help video producers establish a more flexible, collaborative, and easily maintainable video production system. The cameras provide users with more choices and ensure the continued usability of existing equipment after future system upgrades.



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