Gili Video Live Broadcasts Disaster Prevention Drill at Taipei Port with Datavideo Flagship Switcher

Gili Video Live Broadcasts Disaster Prevention Drill at Taipei Port with Datavideo Flagship Switcher

Oct 03 2023

The New Taipei City Government, in collaboration with the Maritime Port Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the Ocean Conservation Administration of the Ocean Affairs Council, jointly organized the "Annual Taipei Port Maritime Disaster Prevention and Rescue Drill" in July. The drill mobilized over 450 participants, involving more than 60 vehicles, 10 ships, and one helicopter. The military, government, and private sectors were all actively involved in the drill.

The drill required a significant workforce and resources from multiple departments. To effectively showcase the live video, "Gili Video" was hired to conduct the live broadcast during the drill. This presented a considerable challenge for Gili Video. To ensure seamless coordination among team members during this intense live event, the production team had to simulate all scenarios and rehearse video shooting and switching a month in advance.

On the drill day, Gili Video deployed eight camera positions, including aerial footage from a drone. The team had a director and a co-director operating a Datavideo HS-3200 and a SE-650 switcher to manage the live broadcast. The Program (PGM) was directly projected onto an IMAG at the venue. Showcasing live videos on the IMAG provided participants with an environment similar to real-life scenarios, enhancing the realism and effectiveness of the drill. Notably, authorities and department supervisors could inspect the drill and conduct evaluations through the live video on the IMAG. The video offered supervisors a macro perspective to review each department's on-site performances and provided timely feedback and assessments to the participants. This was crucial for enhancing disaster response capabilities and improving the drill's effectiveness. 

The Datavideo HS-3200 is the workhorse for such a large-scale live event, which supports up to 12 inputs. The portability of HS-3200 offers convenience and flexibility, allowing the production team to transport and use the device wherever needed. Moreover, the Datavideo HS-3200's all-in-one features provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for video production needs. This means the user has access to switching, monitoring, streaming, and recording capabilities all within a single device. This streamlines workflows, reduces setup time, and minimizes the complexity of managing multiple devices. The consolidated functionality promotes efficiency, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for large live broadcasting. The built-in SD card recording function of the HS-3200 switcher enabled real-time recording of the live video. The recorded video was included in the drill's report. Reviewing the recorded video, supervisors could identify the drill's disadvantages for further improvement. 

The drill was successfully completed, and the authorities highly praised Gili Video's live broadcast. "It was a valuable experience to live broadcast a large-scale drill," said Jennifer, the Director of Gili Video. "The role of the director not only involved presenting live video to the audience and acting as a coordinator in the drill. The director ensured that various pieces of information were swiftly delivered to relevant participants, such as simulating communication, instructions, and action guidance for emergency events. This allowed drill participants to immerse themselves in the scenario and respond appropriately.”

The team was thrilled with the successful completion of this project. They also assessed the day's operational procedures after finishing the project. With the valuable experience gained from live broadcasting the disaster prevention drill, the team is determined to elevate their performance for the upcoming live broadcast event.


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