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Datavideo Announces BB-1 Remote Control Device for Producing Remote Productions |Datavideo

Datavideo Announces BB-1 Remote Control Device for Producing Remote Productions

Nov 09 2021

Datavideo today announced BB-1 KIT that allows customers to produce remote productions from anywhere in the world. The BB-1 provides remote access of Datavideo devices over the Internet and acts as DHCP server, automatically assigning virtual IP addresses to all connected devices in the cloud. Together with a dvCloud streaming subscription service, each BB-1 device can manage up to five Datavideo devices that are connected to the network. dvCloud Essentials subscription service supports a pair of BB-1’s and the dvCloud Professional supports six BB-1’s allowing up to 25 remote devices.  A dvCloud subscription manages streams for up to five destinations per channel with support of up to five channels on the Professional. 

The BB-1 uses DVIP, Datavideo’s proprietary IP protocol, that allows any Datavideo’s IP capable devices on the network to be controlled remotely from anytime, anywhere. All you need is a dvCloud streaming service subscription, BB-1 at a venue side and another BB-1 at a remote side. 

“What’s unique about BB-1’s is that they can eliminate the need for IT professionals by virtually assigning IP addresses,” says Craig Moffat, Managing Director of Datavideo USA. “Now anyone can create remote productions are anywhere in the world using BB-1 and dvCloud.”

Datavideo products that supports DVIP include: PTC-280, PTC-150, PTC-140, PTR-10 MARK II, PTZ View Assist app, HS-1300, SE-1200MU. NVD-30 MARK II, TP-800, and RMC-300A. For more information about BB-1 and dvCloud, please visit: 


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