Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce Industry

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce Industry (SCCCI) – SCCCI Streaming Studio with Datavideo Mobile Cast

Mar 15 2021

The COVID-19 has created severe global economic disruption and caused irrevocable changes in business landscape, more and more businesses have been fast moving to the virtual world, enhanced online browsing through video conferencing and e-commerce activities to drive sales could become a new norm. With funding from “Local Enterprise and association Development (LEAD)” programme, SCCCI (Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry), SCCCI set up a Live Streaming Studio to help Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) to overcome the limitation of the current pandemic.


The HS-1300 play an important role in the Live Streaming Studio, to allow users to organise an event with the ready set up and easy to operate system, it helps the businesses to adopt to new technologies and reach out to its target audiences in various graduation from physical, to interactive Zoom and YouTube videos. 


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