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Transform Camcorder or DSLR into a PTZ using Datavideo’s New PTR-10

Transform Camcorder or DSLR into a PTZ using Datavideo’s New PTR-10

Aug 10 2020

Datavideo today announces PTR-10 and PTR-10T (HDBaseT version) robotic pan tilt head. Turn a camcorder into a PTZ camera with PTR-10 or PTR-10T .  The PTR-10 is uniquely different from a traditional PTZ camera, since it allows the user to choose a camera of their liking that works best for their application and turn it into a pan, tilt camera.Eliminate the need to have multiple camera operators on site to safely execute live productions while practicing physical distancing.

PTR-10 supports serial and IP control commands, making it compatible to use with Datavideo RMC-180 for serial control, and RMC-300 series for IP control. PTR-10T HDBaseT version is compatible to use with Datavideo HS-1600T series. PTR-10 series allow you to control pan, tilt, and zoom of a compatible camcorder using an included LAN C cable. It also has SDI and HDMI connections, which allows you to connect your camera to the PTR-10/T and output video signal to a switcher or a streaming encoder.

PTR-10 series can pan 340° and tilt 90°. It also has built-in tally light, so on-screen talent knows which camera is live and which one is preview. PTR-10 is strong and sturdy with a weight of 8.8 lbs/4 kg, it can be mounted on a tripod or on a wall using a WM-10 wall mount from Datavideo.

PTR-10 is a cost saving solution for any production. Now, you don’t need to hire multiple camera operators for your production. One person can control multiple cameras using multiple PTR-10 robotic pan tilt heads,” says Craig Moffat, Managing Director of Datavideo USA.


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