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Datavideo TPC-700 Touch Panel Controller is Available Now

Datavideo TPC-700 Touch Panel Controller is Available Now

Jul 03 2020

With the built-in 7-inch 800x400 touch screen, the TPC-700 operation will be intuitive and efficient. It makes video production with Datavideo’s 3200 series switchers easy and versatile. For instance, you can simply drag and zoom the PIP window live on the touch screen until the best effect is achieved. When using the TPC-700 with the VGB-2000 2-Channel Professional Presentation System, the touch screen allows you to switch backgrounds easily. With the TPC-700, video production yielding professional video effects becomes a one-man task. Also, shortcut keys to multiple user memory sets customize your preferences and turn the TPC-700 into your device.

 The controller’s user interface is a custom design of common functions of Datavideo’s 3200 series switchers and VGB-2000 2-Channel Professional Presentation System. The interface is easy to use and can be controlled with a few finger taps over the RS-232 connection thus substantially increasing the performance of all your Datavideo products. DVIP provides excellent scalability as it allows you to connect Datavideo products from any remote locations, making system setup easier and more accessible. TPC-700 weighs only 850g so it provides high mobility and versatility and can be used in many scenarios. Regardless of whether it is an outdoor live program or indoor recording, the TPC-700 will always be your reliable partner providing you with the stability that you need for video production. Grab one and start using it today! 



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