Furen International School - Lecture Recording and Broadcasting with fully equipped Datavideo Recording Studio

Furen International School - Lecture Recording and Broadcasting with fully equipped Datavideo Recording Studio

Apr 21 2020

Furen International School (FIS), established in 2000, is a Private Education Institution (PEI) registered under the Committee for Private Education (CPE). FIS provides preparatory courses for students taking GCE O-Level, Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level examinations and Lower Secondary. The main objective is to prepare student to gain entry into top Universities. FIS is always innovating and progressing, the recent implemented of the Online Platform helps academy weaker students to improve and built confident. On the hand, the online streaming also helps to update parents about their children progress in school.


Online Streaming & Recording

FIS has a small AV Production team handling most of the online course programmes recording. The AV team produced web-based advertising/promotional content and short lecture/lessons daily. Their setup was using a simple USB camera together with portable green screen and touchscreen PC (for lecture and tele-prompting) and stream via streaming software.

However, the keying effects were undesirable due to poor lighting setup and the presenter does not have eye contact with the camera. Thus the final video recording resulting in poor quality.

It was during Broadcast Asia 2019 where the AV production team visited us and understand further how can Datavideo solution help to achieve they requirement. There-after, they requested a site visit to their school to view their setup and give suggestion to improve. Eventually, this turn out to be a turn-key solution including the room designed with the desired for being able to broadcast with multi-cameras operation. In this solution, it must be able to captured classroom teaching and streaming.


Introduction and features

With a few rounds of the on-site meeting with FIS interior designer and AV-SI, the Chroma Key Studio was finally up and running with full Datavideo solution integration with their existing streaming server. (Above illustration shows both the Chroma Key Studio and classroom cameras setup to the Master Control Room where all being connected to HS-3200 to recorder and streaming.

Simple and Cost effective: It was the HS-3200 operating as master control switcher with 2x PTC-140 cameras installed in the classroom. 2x PTC-140, 1x BC-80 with LBK-1 onto the tripod, 6x Studio LED hanging lights and 2x floor standing Softbox Studio lights and a complete virtual green wall in studio room. The studio room door was constructed with vacuum space in between the entrance to the studio and the opposite door in the studio to server room to cut off outside noise. The studio walls also specially treated with sound absorbing materials to achieve a 100% reverberation. All cameras control, operation and recording are done with RMC-180 and HS-3200 in the Master control room.

The current usage of the Studio room was purposed for Lecture Recording, Teacher-Student Interview, Principle Announcement and Student Programmes record.


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