School Upgrades Studio Facilities with Datavideo

School Upgrades Studio Facilities with Datavideo

Jan 15 2015

Century High School in California has built a state of the art HD studio for regular "The Inside Scoop" show it produces. The installation has been evolving over a number of years to deliver increasingly high quality results and ever greater levels of sophistication.

A recent acquisition has been the standalone Datavideo DVK-300HD chromakey unit which has proven to deliver far much cleaner results than the crew could achieve from their previous vision mixer. The on-screen talent is now composited against the virtual backgrounds without colour spill, poorly defined edges or ugly green reflections.

The school's new Datavideo SE-2800 switcher with its 12 inputs future-proofs the studio, which is now ready for the addition of more cameras and other sources. It also integrates seamlessly with the Datavideo ITC intercom unit to control tally light indicators as well as providing crew communications.



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