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Conference Solution

Easily switch between your PowerPoint presentation and your camera input

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  • Simplified Workflow
  • Easy to Use

Seminar Solution

This solution is portable, which makes it easy to transport equipment, and HDBaseT Technology provides a setup with minimal cable requirements

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  • HDBaseT
  • Portable Hand-Carried Video Switcher

Standard Corporate Training Solution

This complete solution is perfect for creating training video content for employees. The content can be recorded or streamed live on the internet.

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  • Easy to Use

Virtual Presentation Solution

Shoot a presentation, and have the talent speak in any environment. With the Virtual Presentation Solution, you can change the setting to any place. With the TVS-2000A, the solution offers professional 3D tracking which enables realistic camera movement in 3D space.

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  • Presentations Anywhere
  • 3D Tracking Technology