Studio Broadcast Production Solution

Professional in-studio broadcast solution with 8 inputs, streaming and recording


The studio broadcast production solution is a complete workflow with professional features. For example, it comes with a switcher that works with up to 12 camera inputs, CG software for on-screen graphics, and lots of video output options. The production can be recorded, streamed to the internet, and sent to outdoor screens or other destinations simultaneously.


Key Features

► Many Inputs
The workflow can accept up to 12 inputs, enough for every camera in a large or small production arrangement

► Ease of Use
Although the setup can support a large production with many cameras, the intuitive interface design makes it simple to use.

  • 2x BC-200 4K Block Cameras
  • 2x TLM-170L Monitors
  • KMU-100 4K Multicamera Processor
  • RMC-185 Controller for KMU-100
  • SE-2850 HD Switcher
  • NVS-25 Streaming Encoder
  • HDR-70 Recorder
  • DVS-200 Cloud Video Streaming Server