Standard Podcast Solution

Complete workflow for recording and streaming a basic 2-camera podcast


The Standard Podcast Solution is Datavideo's entry-level podcasting setup. This is our recommendation for those who are currently using a small 1-camera arrangement and are ready for an upgrade. This multi-camera setup is capable of giving your podcast additional angles and on-screen graphics, all controllable live. So, not only does it make recording the podcast easier, but you can produce it live without needing to wait for the post-production phase to add your "bells and whistles," like camera cuts, pictures, text, etc. Instead, it can all be done live.

In addition, the switcher is made with professional-grade audio recording hardware, which includes its own audio mixer. You've got video control and audio control, all in one.


Key Features

► Easy-to-Use Equipment
This entry-level setup is powerful but easy to use. Control your video cuts and audio levels from one panel.

► Audio Mixer Included
An audio mixer interface is built into the switching board. Audio control and video control all in the same place.

  • 2x BC-50 Block Cameras
  • SE-650 Video Switcher
  • NVS-30 Video Streaming Encoder / Recorder
  • DVS-200 Cloud Video Streaming Server