Standard Live Event Solution

Portable streaming solution using 2 cameras and a mobile video switcher


The standard live event solution is one of our most popular workflows and includes all the basic components that are necessary to produce a professional live event. It is ideal for novice video producers who are looking for affordable and easy to use equipment with exceptional quality. The pan-tilt-zoom cameras in this workflow provide a stepping stone for novice producers to utilize multiple camera angles in a production. With a little practice, users can utilize the camera presets with the camera controller and turn a 2-camera production into what looks like a high quality 8 camera production and stream and record simultaneously.


Key Features

► Portable
The Standard Live Event Solution is portable and easy to move from location to location.

► Small Footprint
Its small size makes this solution simple to set up, even in compact locations.

  • 2x PTC-150 Cameras
  • RMC-180 Camera Controller
  • HS-1300 Portable Production Studio
  • DVS-200 Video Streaming Cloud Server