Standard Lecture Capture Solution

Streaming and recording workflow utilizing one camera and presentation software


This workflow contains everything needed to create lecture capture production. It is centered around a video switcher that is ideal for not only installers, but instructors as well. Schools can use their existing HDMI cameras or use the compact, high quality BC-80 block camera and easily connect microphone inputs to the switcher without needing to purchase an external audio mixer. It is a simple, no fuss workflow that is easy to install for the system integrators and easy to operate for the end users. Any video production novice instructor can learn to switch from a camera, to a PowerPoint, to a PIP with ease.


Key Features

► Built-in Audio Mixer
Having a video switcher with a built-in audio mixer keeps the workflow simplified since there is no need to add another equipment.

► User-Friendly Switcher Panel
Easy to use buttons on a physical switcher panel leaves no room for error while operating.

  • GO 500 Studio
  • BC-80 Block Camera