Shuttle Controller for HDR-10 Replay / SlowMo Recorder

  • Shuttle Controller for HDR-10 Replay / SlowMo Recorder

Provides control for:

Capture Mode

  • Drop start cue sets the start point of a particular replay clip

Review Mode

  • Save the clip
  • Start Cue Drop | Go to Start Cue
  • Switch between Cue Drop or Go to
  • End Cue Drop | Go to End Cue
  • Jog: Frame-By-Frame fine tune
  • Shuttle: Fast forward or rewind at 1x, 2x or 4x speed

Replay Mode

  • Play the replay clip
  • Repeat the replay clip for unlimited counts until the button is pressed again
  • Switches between GPI trigger or Contour Shuttle Express controller trigger
  • Change play speed
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