Professional wall mount for PTC-150W and PTC-150TW pan-tilt-zoom video cameras

The RKM-150 is a steel-constructed wall mount for the PTC-150W and PTC-150TW PTZ video cameras. Also available in dark grey (RKM-150)

  • Versatile: The RKM-150W can be positioned upside-down or rightside-up.
  • Easy Cable Pass-Thru: A standard outlet receptacle cutout (U.S.A. double-gang box) is used for easy cable pass-thru. The RKM-150W can be bolted directly to the outlet box itself, without the need for extra fabrication work.
  • Durable: The RKM-150W is made of steel for durability and endurance (weight: 4lbs)
  • RKM-150W frame
  • Required nuts/bolts
  • Instruction manual
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