Professional Podcast Solution

Stream a high-level podcast show to multiple networks with 3 cameras and presentation screens


The podcasting industry has been rapidly growing in the past few years. Most online content creators use post-production heavy workflows, requiring hours of video editing and voiceover work. This prevents creators from being able to publish content more frequently and efficiently. Many of the podcasters and online content creators are looking to produce quality content faster to keep up with the growing trend of the live streaming industry, and they want to do this on a limited budget.

The Datavideo Podcasting Solution offers a live production workflow that satisfies this need. Since you are able to produce live shows, you can instantly upload your content to your website or YouTube channel. You can also perform live streams, opening up opportunities to create different types of shows such as live commentating a sports game or an award show, live remote interview using Skype, and live performances.


Key Features


► Remote Cameras
The Professional Podcast Solution utilizes remote control cameras to capture many camera angles, all controlled from a single panel.

► Portable
This solution uses a durable case for portability, making it easy to transport from one location to another.

  • 3x PTC-150 Cameras
  • RMC-180 Controller
  • HS-1300 Portable Video Studio
  • DVS-200 Cloud Streaming Video Server