Large Live Event Solution

Stream, record, and project video for a large event requiring up to 7 cameras and a CG system


The Large Live Event Solutions is perfect for supporting a large production. The switcher in this system can support up to 8 inputs (12 inputs with the upgrade), which is enough for any combination of cameras, laptops, cg systems, and more. The output options of this system are robust enough to have primary recording, backup recording, streaming to the internet, and even projection of your show onto an indoor/outdoor screen.


Key Features

► Many Inputs
Having many video inputs ensures that the system is prepared to handle the full range from small to large production setups.

► Output Options
The system can do much more than record the video output. It can stream it to the internet, project it to an outdoor screen, and it even has a means of backup recording for extra safety.

  • MS-2850 Mobile Studio
  • CG-200 Character Generator Software
  • DAC-8P Converter
  • DAC-60 Converter
  • NVS-25 Video Streaming Encoder / Backup Recorder
  • HRS-30 Field Recorder
  • TLM-170L Monitor
  • DVS-200 Cloud Video Streaming Server