Look Back Kit

LBK-1 is a convenient way for reference prompting. If you are live in a chromakey ("Green screen") studio and you want to know where you are in reference to the background. In chroma key ("green screen") studios it's often hard to know where you are in reference to the background. Therefore you would often use an extra monitor however that means looking away from the camera. LBK-1 uses a two way mirror and a 22" LCD screen (screen not included) to give you a great view of what you're doing!

LBK-1 also includes a tally led that can be used to tell the talent that the camera is live or that the recording has been started. 

Fits on any tripod and houses a 22" screen with VESA mount. Screen is not included in the package but will fit most 22" LCD screens with a VESA (100x100mm) mount.

Tally uses 3,5mm jack plug

  • 1x Main Support Rail
  • 2x Spacer Block
  • 4x Screw (Wing Nut 1/4 20UNC 12.5mm Nickel Plated)
  • 2x Screw (Pan-Head 1/4" 20UNC 12mm Nickel Plated)
  • 1x Riser Block
  • 4x Screw (1/4" 20UNC Hex Head 31mm)
  • 1x Camera Dock Module
  • 1x 1/4 20UNC Screw
  • 2x Anti-Collision Rubber Strip
  • 1x Glass Sheet
  • 1x Glass Frame Module
  • 1x Hood Support Wire
  • 1x LCD Mounting Bracket
  • 4x Nyloc Screw (ISO Counter Sunk M4*8m/m Black (RoHS))
  • 1x Cloth Snood/Hood
  • 1x Hex Tool 4mm
  • 1x Hex Tool 3mm
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