IMAG Worship Production Solution

IMAG workflow using two cameras and a switcher with many auxiliary outputs


If your worship house has multiple IMAG screens and needs to send different outputs to each of those screens, this workflow is for you. It is centered around the SE-2200 video switcher, which has six Auxiliary outputs to allow a different video source to appear on each IMAG screen in your sanctuary. SE-2200 also has a built-in title creator for keying in verses, titles, and hymns.


Key Features

► Multiple AUX Outputs
Having 6 AUX outputs from the switcher makes it ideal for multiple IMAG setup in large worship houses.

► Ease of Use
All the equipment in this workflow are extremely easy to use and set up for the benefit of the weekly volunteers.

  • 2x PTC-150W Cameras
  • RMC-180 Camera Controller
  • SE-2200 Video Switcher
  • TLM-170L Monitor
  • DAC-8P Video Converter
  • HDR-1 Video Recorder