IMAG Live Event Solution

3 camera solution for recording and streaming video at a live event with IMAG screens


This 3 camera solution focuses on portability and robust aux-out options. It utilizes the HS-2200 Portable Production Studio -- a convenient hand-carry switcher which has 6 inputs and 6 outputs. The solution has a small footprint, and it can record, stream, and send the output to many destinations, like multiple IMAG screens.


Key Features

► Easy-to-Use Equipment
Interfaces for switching video and controlling the 3 cameras are intuitive and easy to learn.

► Portable
This solution is great for situations where the equipment needs to be set up or taken down quickly and easily.

  • 3x PTC-150 Cameras
  • RMC-180 Camera Controller
  • HS-2200 Portable Studio
  • HRS-30 Recorder
  • NVS-25 Streaming Encoder
  • DVS-200 Video Streaming Cloud Server