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HD/SD 8/12-Channel Portable Video Studio

The HS-2850 is a cost-effective, 12-channel, 10-bit 1920 x 1080i broadcast-quality mobile hand carry switcher. Featuring 12 digital inputs, it is designed for live events and TV programs that need to blend a variety of video and audio sources. HS-2850 is light-weight, portable, and powerful, with features perfect for mobile switching.

As a complete AV package, the HS-2850 HD mobile studio enables users to switch seamlessly between video and audio sources and blend high-quality digital content on the fly.

Advanced features include a 17.3-inch video monitor which displays multiple sources, as well as preview and program.

The system is equipped with an eight-way intercom system and is supplied with four belt packs for effective communication between the whole production crew.

The HS-2850 is ideal for TV and video professionals working in outside broadcast or temporary video studios, such as theatres or conference centers. The HS-2850 is also a great value solution for the worship, education, and AV markets.

  • Supports 12 HD or SD Inputs in a variety of configurations:
    HD Mode: (1) 12 HD-SDI , (2) 9 HD-SDI + 3 HDMI
    SD Mode: (1) 12 SD-SDI , (2) 9 SDI + 3 HDMI
  • Supports up to 1080p60 (input) / 1080p30 (output)
  • Automatic input resolution scaling
  • 6 user-defined output options on 3 SDI output channels.
  • 1 HDMI output for multi-view monitoring
  • 4x XLR Analogue Audio Inputs, 2x XLR Analogue Audio Outputs,
  • User defined and positioned dual PIP.
  • Two DSK with a set up choice of basic Luma key or alpha channel.
  • Built-in title overlay system (TC-200) that works with CG systems.
  • Cut, Mix and Wipe with border
  • Logo and Clock on screen
  • Audio delay for each de-embedded audio source.
  • SMPTE/ EBU Audio selectable via OSD.
  • Black burst PAL or Tri-Level Sync Reference.
  • Tally, GPI support
  • Build in 8CH Intercom system
  • One 17.3-inch with a resolution of 1600x900 dots
  • 10-bit processing
  • 1 x HS-2850 Unit
  • 1 x AD Switch DC 12V with AC Cord
  • 1 x CB-41 / XLR to XLR Cable
  • 4 x CB-3 / XLR cable
  • 1 x USB Light
  • 1 x Goose neck MIC
  • 4 x Headphone Microphone
  • 4 x ITC-100SL
  • 4 x Tally light
  • 4 x Velcro
  • 1 x Thank You Card
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SE-2850 Upgrade IO Card

SE-2850/HS-2850/MS-2850 4 Channel Upgrade I/O Card


4K Multicamera Processor


Up / Down / Cross Converter


HD/SD Digital Video Recorder


H.264 Video Streaming Server / Recorder

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