dv Prompter Pro server

DVP-100 is a wireless teleprompting system compatible with Mac, PC, Android and IOS devices.

The dv Prompter Pro server creates its own WiFi hotspot ready for you to connect your devices and start prompting, once connected you can select if a device is to be a controller or a prompter screen and you can have an unlimited number of controllers or prompter screens.

The controller can create and load new scripts, control the scrolling and perform live edits on all prompter screens in real time.

All scripts are stored on the dvPrompter server not the devices themselves.

  • Multiple prompter screens kept in perfect sync
  • Remote control and scrip management over IP (WiFi/Ethernet)
  • IOS app available
  • Compatible with any device that has an HTML5 compliant web browser
  • Embedded rich text editor
  • Control multiple prompters from one controller
  • Scripts are stored on the dv Prompter servers internal storage
  • Multiple users can collaborate to the scripts library over IP
  • Built in dual band WiFi
  • Small form factor, rack mountable using RMK-2
  • 12V DC input
  • 1x DVP-100 Unit
  • 1x AD Switch 12V
  • 1x Antenna
  • 1x Thank You Card

Datavideo’s sub-£500 DVP-100 to democratize professional studio teleprompting

Launching at BVE 2016 in London, DV Prompter Pro Server (DVP-100) is only the size and cost of a mini converter, yet it promises to bring multi-screen teleprompting to the masses.

Posted on 2015-12-16

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