Advanced Podcast Solution

Stream, record, and project an advanced 3-camera podcast


The Advanced Podcasting Solution adds a 3rd camera and more output options to the production. This setup can do everything that the Standard Podcast Solution can do, but it also has the ability to send the output video to more places. So, not only can you stream and record your podcast, but you can also display it on an additional monitor, projector, etc.

Like the Standard Podcast Solution, this one also has a high quality, built-in audio mixer and has options for inputting multiple cameras and on-screen graphics.


Key Features

► Easy to Use
Control audio levels and video cuts from a single panel. CG, Recording, and Streaming are easily controlled via laptop.

► More Cameras
3x cameras adds great deal of depth and visual complexity to the production, which greatly sets it apart from the basic setup, which may only use 1 or 2 camera angles.

  • 3x BC-50 Block Cameras
  • GO 650 Studio
  • DAC-60 Converter
  • DVS-200 Cloud Video Streaming Server