Advanced Lecture Capture Solution

Streaming, recording, and projection workflow using multiple cameras and presentation computers


This solution is ideal for campuses that want to have a portable video switcher to take from one classroom to the next for their lecture capture productions. The HS-1200 portable hand carried mobile studio can accept up to 6 inputs, making it possible to have multi-camera productions with PowerPoint slides and title overlay. Pair it up with high quality block cameras for impeccable image quality and stream the lectures using a NVS-25 encoder.


Key Features

► Portability
Because the switcher is portable, it is easy for transporting around the campus wherever the production is needed. Once the production is over, it can be easily stowed away in a cabinet inside a classroom for security.

► Streaming
Easily share your lectures on a private network to your students using the NVS-25 and DVS-200.

  • 3x BC-80 Cameras
  • HS-1200 Mobile Studio
  • CG-350 Character Generator
  • DAC-60 Video Converter
  • NVS-25 Video Streaming Server
  • DVS-200 Video Cloud Server