2018 Year End Bundle


Bundle with KMU-100, controller and automation software

- This bundle is only valid for customers from Datavideo EMEA and within the EMEA region - 

Exclusive 2018 year end sale on the KMU-100 bundle with controller and PresetMaster automation software. This bundle contains the 4K signal processor, granting you the possibility to connect one or two 4K cameras and use the included controller or automation software to crop out up to eight HD portions. This bundle allows users to automate and quickly setup an advanced video production workflow with only one or two cameras as a one man operation.

For more information on the KMU-100 and the practical use of this product in a workflow, please visit below pages and watch video clips.

Datavideo Worship solution with KMU-100

Datavideo City Council solution with KMU-100

Video on the workings of PresetMaster

About PresetMaster


This bundle can be obtained for an incredible discounted price during the end of November!



- Valid from November 19th to November 30th 2018 -


Bundle contains:

  • KMU-100 4K signal processor for cutting out HD portions from 4K feed worth $ 4.999,- or € 4.350,-
  • RMC-185 hardware controller for live control (PTZ style) of the KMU-100 output worth $ 949,- or € 885
  • PresetMaster (lifetime license) for controlling KMU-100 and more worth $ 919,- or € 799,-



PresetMaster lifetime license

Exclusive 2018 end-of-year promotion on KMU-100

Exclusive for customers from the EMEA region Datavideo announces an attractive end of year bundle promotion.

Posted on 2018-11-19