Mounting bar and holder including Zoom Encoder (for motorized lenses)
USD $249.00
Robotic Pan Tilt Head

Mounting bar and holder including Zoom Encoder (for motorized lenses)

USD $249.00

ZEK-1 is the Solution to Your Free Running Zoom Cameras

PTR-10(T) MARK II can read its Pan/Tilt movement and send back to the controller for position memory and recall.

Now, with ZEK-1, it can detect and read out the Zoom changes. And convert this information into a Zoom position to send back for the controller to memory and recall the saved zoom position.

Compatible with cameras via a zoom moving ring. 


ZEK-1 can read out the spin change of the Zoom ring on the camera

ZEK-1 can Read Out the Spin Change of the Zoom Ring on the Camera

ZEK-1 can read out the rotation of the zoom ring on your camera by a little wheel that sits snug to your camera zoom ring.

This gear must have a tight fit and the same thread as your camera lens.

M0.8 Gear is Mounted on the Zoom Encoder while Shipped

Standard it's equipped with M0.8 gearing, which is the standard in most lenses. In some cases, M0.6 is used so an extra gear is included.

In other cases, when your camera doesn't have a threaded zoom lens, you can use a belt with M0.8 or M0.6 gearing.


M0.8 gear is mounted on the Zoom encoder while shipped
Camera Mount Plate

Camera Mount Plate (Optional)

The larger mounting plate from ZEK-1 gives more space for you to mount the camera. 

Please contact us if you need a larger mounting plate. 

M0.6 Gear

Using Cameras with M0.6 gears on the zoom ring (ex: Sony X200), the additional M0.6 gear can directly match with the Lens.

M0.6 Gear
Metal Bar & Bar Holder & Zoom Encoder (M0.8 gear)

Metal Bar & Bar Holder & Zoom Encoder (M0.8 gear)

The metal bar holds the zoom encoder in place for achieving the best accuracy.

The gear provides the engagement with the camera's zoom ring and the 4-pin mini-DIN connector and to be connected to the Zoom Sensor port on the PTR- 10/10T MARK II. 

Gear Ring Belt designed for M0.8 gear

Gear Ring Belt Designed for M0.8 Gear

Wrap the gear ring belt around the zoom ring if your camcorder's zoom ring is neither M0.6 nor M0.8 on the PTR-10/10T MARK II. 

Compatible with most cameras that have a moving zoom ring except

Compatible with Most Cameras that have a Moving Zoom Ring Except:

  • A single zoom/focus ring
  • When the zoom ring is blocked by the servo motor


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