Medical Training Solution

Complete Crestron workflow that can be controlled from one panel


Hospital research labs and universities are using video equipment to teach and share information. It’s important to get all the right camera angles while producing a complex medical procedure. Using the PTC-150 pan, tilt, zoom cameras allow your client to get all the right shots to avoid missing any step during a procedure. What makes this workflow special is that it uses Crestron technology, which means individual operators are not needed to control the cameras, switcher, and recorder. Instead, one person can control all the equipment from a single panel on a tablet.


Key Features

► Crestron Controllable
Because all the equipment in this workflow are Crestron controllable, there’s no need to hire a video production team to operate each equipment.
► Ease of Use
All the equipment in this workflow are extremely easy to use and set up for the benefit of having a low learning curve.


Workflow Diagram

  • Datavideo Kit Series 3 (Supports up to two PTC-150 cameras, SE-1200-or-SE-650, and HDR-1): download
  • Datavideo Kit Series 2 (Supports up to two PTC-150 cameras and SE-1200-or-SE-650): download
  • HDR-1: download
  • PTC-150: download
  • SE-650 / SE-1200MU: download